QR Codes

The use of QR Codes is a new trend in marketing since the use of smart phones has increased.  Clientele Marketing has started custom designing them for our clients.  The question is does your business need them? And why?

My opinion is YES you need one for your business.  ONE because they look cool and TWO – they are FREE!


The image on the left of this post is called QR Code (Quick Response Code), which is generated with the URL of our blog.  Besides URLs, you can also turn text, phone numbers, maps and many other information types into QR codes, which can be easily shared with others who can decode with their camera phones. The key is you have to know what you want your customers to see or do once they scan it in. When you scan the code to the left I want it to go to the CLIENTELE MARKETING home page.


So, how to create a QR code? You can check out the following top 3 free online generators. After you create it, they will ask what format you would like to download it in.  Always download it as an .eps as that one you can modify and expand without losing any resolution.

ZXING Project
Calendar event | Contact information | Email address | Geo location | Phone number | SMS| Text | URL | WiFi network

beQRiousclever name
URL  | Email address | Phone number | Text | Contact information | SMS | YouTube | Services | Google Maps

URL Services | Google Maps | Contact information | Email address |  Phone number | SMS to phone number |  SMS to short code | Text RSS feed

Brilliant Mobile
Mobi© Sites and all the others.  Brilliant Mobile will also help you track your customers for a monthly fee.

Next put the QR Code on your business cards, brochures, marketing materials, websites, windows, and even tshirts and make sure to follow the rules of design and size.

Now Clientele Marketing is designing Graphically Designed QR Codes for your Biz.  Add it to your business card like the one below…or turn it into a graphic logo like below. Contact us to learn more.  Prices start at $150.